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Expect a day unlike any before.

Whether you're here for the agriculture or want to snuggle a bunny, our average day is something to talk about.

While visiting the farm, you may catch some work going on. That's because we are actually a real, working, heritage farm. Vintage tractors, plows, and hay balers will bring up memories for some, while being a new learning experience for others. As you stroll the farm, you will be able to visit Robert's Workshop, the Farming Museum, Herb Ill Granary, and the List Corncrib with a cornbox play area.

The Petting Barn and Coop are a big hit for animal lovers, with a wide array of typical farm animals to pet and learn about. We have weekday and weekend hours during our in season and also offer group tours for large groups.

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Rosie, The Donkey


While all donkey's are stubborn....Rosie just may be the friendliest stubborn donkey that you've ever met! Her favorite place to be scratched is everywhere and don't you dare leave the barn without giving her some attention otherwise she will bray loudly. 

Gpa Tinys Farm-003.jpg

Kunigunda, Cookie, Lashes & Jersey


An iconic sight while driving into Frankenmuth, you may recognize some of our bovine perusing the pastures. While often mistaken for a bull, Kunigunda is actually our Grandmother cow. 

Mr. Nibbles


Hands down the farm favorite, Mr.Nibbles "Who Doesn't Nibble," the World's Softest Rabbit is loved by everyone who visits the farm. 


Peacocks & Peahens


Sprinkles, George, Captain, Ocean... the list goes on. Did you know that a peacock is a male? Peahen is a female and they are all called peafowl. 



"Is he supposed to be out of the pen?" A common questions, and the answer is, of course! Simon spends his days (believe it or not) being held and petted even by the youngest of farm visitors. While we are not sure as to why he is so friendly... we're not about to try and change it!




Dasher and Dancer... and Blue & Sivia? These adorable friends joined our farm as babies!


Check out the resident reindeer during Santa's Reindeer Farm experience each Winter.



We'll be honest, this might as well be a mug shot. While Pedro isn't the sweetest, he's certainly well loved by a select group. We call them "Pedro Groupies," who know about how feisty miniature horses can be and pet him anyways (even when we tell everyone not to). 

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