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Fun without a big price tag attached.

Enjoy a day on the farm without breaking the bank.

Having a place people can go to experience and learn about farming, animals, and nature is important.


That's why admission to Grandpa Tiny's Farm hasn't changed much in the last 20 years.

So grab your friends and family and make a day of Frankenmuth with a stop to the farm. It's an educational experience that won't leave your wallet empty.

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Regular Admission


$7 per person.

Kids under 2 are free.


Tickets are at the door for daily admission, (no cash, cc only) Grandpa Tiny's Farm is not open for daily farm fun during special events. Make sure to check our events, or visit our Facebook page, to see if an event is happening when you plan on visiting. 

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Special Events


Grandpa Tiny's Farm is host to a number of specialty and seasonal events each year. Depending on your preferred experience or selected amenities, the cost may vary. 

For specific event admission prices, please visit our events page and select the event you are interested in.

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